Web Development

Branding yourself and/or your organization/company is imperative as a strategy to develop successful growth as a business or a career; building an online presence is the most cost effective means of achieving this.

What most people don’t think of, is leveraging multiple online platforms as a means of communicating with a captive audience. These may include social networking websites also known as going “viral” (Eg. Facebook, Twitter & MySpace), directories, forums, blogs and most importantly, a company/personal website. Alone, these tools are merely a means of passing information, but integrating these networking resources with an innovative web marketing plan will significantly increase your brand.

Having a website is one of the key ways to begin the development of your branding strategy, ultimately providing a place where all your online personalities meet – a central website where potential clients, employers, stakeholders and the public can learn all they need about you or your company as well as ways to contact and connect with you.

Your professional looking website should include your products, services, portfolio, resume, a professional blog that demonstrates your expertise, and links to and feeds from your alternate media presences. Although the technology and concept may seem complicated in theory, it is really very simple in execution. Also, using your blog whether you have someone doing it for you or you dedicate 10 minutes every few days is something that can build you a dedicated audience.

The Little Web Company is committed to helping small businesses, individuals and most anyone new to establishing a professional web presence; To foster growth in their brand through online business development strategies. The Free Professional Web Design product has been developed to be cost effective and professional, meeting the needs of new and small businesses.

Professional Themes
A professional website designed to suit your needs.
Domain Name
You can select a domain name that is relevant to your company such as a .com or .ca
Email Address
An email address included that can be used to receive business related messages.
Updateable Functionality
We will provide you with a control panel giving you the ability to update and change the content of your website anytime you want.
Basic SEO
You will be provided with basic SEO to ensure you are indexed to be listed with search engines such as Google.
Blog technology to keep your audience engaged and aware of news and promotions.
Dormant Websites